The good leader

A good leader must have many qualities. It is important that a manager can motivate his employees. A good leader must lead the way and show the way for his employees. Below we have described 10 characteristics of a good leader:

1. The good leader has visions

A good manager tells his employees the greater meaning of the job. A good leader understands the vision and can make it clear to his employees.

2. The good leader has passion

Many employees want a leader who can inspire and motivate them to achieve their goals. Therefore, it is also required of a manager that he or she has passion and that this can be used to motivate and inspire the employees.

3. A good leader can take the lead and show the way

A manager must be able to show the way for his employees, and here it does nothing if the manager himself goes out and does some daily tasks. The good manager must know exactly which tasks the individual employee is dealing with, as well as which challenges they face.

4. The good leader makes use of creativity

Being creative does not have to mean that you constantly find new ways to solve tasks. It is more about how the manager draws on his experiences from previous situations – experiences that can help solve the problem you are facing right now. It can help create new solutions to the current problem.

5. A good manager is willing to take risks

A good leader dares to take chances and dares to challenge what you usually do. However, decisions must always be well-considered before they are taken. A good manager also leaves some responsibility for the new initiatives to his employees, so that they can develop their skills.

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6. The good leader communicates

The manager must be good at communicating changes to his employees – also more than once. It’s about meeting the employee where he is. The leader must therefore not only be visionary and passionate but also be able to communicate his visions further.

7. A good leader must show trust

It is important for many employees that their manager has confidence in them and their abilities. A good manager is someone who dares to leave the responsibility to his employees and does not take all the responsibility on himself. It is important that as a manager you give freedom to your employees so that they can manage their working day themselves.

8. A good leader sees opportunities

The wish of many employees is that a manager can see opportunities and create new solutions – even in a situation that may not be immediately good. Being able to turn an obstacle into an opportunity is very much in demand in a leader.

9. The good leader celebrates successes

An important part of being a good manager is celebrating successes and recognizing the work of your employees. It is important to celebrate the little things, as it gives the employees blood to their teeth and the desire to continue what they are doing.

It also gives even more confidence if the manager remembers to praise and recognize his employees. Employees feel valued and are motivated by getting a pat on the back.

10. A good leader continues

A good manager uses previous successes to develop the company. Instead of being satisfied with being on target, a good leader uses success to achieve new goals. The manager must make the work methods part of the routine instead of doing something new all the time.

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