Good advice for your application

The most important thing about an application is that it should help arouse the interest of the employer, so that they may want to recruit just you. Writing an application also requires a lot of research about the company and the position you are applying for. When you have carried out proper research, it also shows the employer that you mean it when you apply for the position.

Here you can get help with your application.

1. Think about the length of your application.

When writing an application, you mustn’t write more than one page. In this way, the recruiter can review the application and your skills.


2. Consider the language you use in your application.

An application should preferably use words that address the company directly. It is important to remember to who the application is addressed.


3. Make sure that your application is targeted at the company and the position.

Target your application toward the company you would like to work for and the position you would like to have. You must therefore know the recipient. What kind of company is it and what job are you looking for?


4. Come up with something new and avoid repeating yourself.

In an application, it is important to make use of something new, so that you do not repeat something you have already written in your CV.

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5. Make use of specific examples.

Many people use the well-known expression of being able to keep many balls in the air in their applications. This term – and others that resemble it – is not of much value to a company. The company needs to see concrete examples of what you can do. Use your experience from previous jobs.


6. Tell how exactly your experience can benefit the company.

You must explain how your experience can be used in the job you are applying for. It allows the company to imagine how you can become their next employee.


7. Show your motivation for applying for the position.

Show in the application what makes you apply for this particular position. Explain why you think this particular position is interesting for you, and explain further what made you want to apply for it.


8. End the application with something that will make the company invite you for an interview.

In your application, you should have made the recipient – i.e. the company – curious about what you can do for them in the specific position. Therefore, you must also end with something that can set up a conversation. It can be “I look forward to hearing from you”, or something similar.


9. When you have written an application, make sure you get post-criticism.

Make sure to review your application before sending it off. You can also get others to read it through. In this way, linguistic errors and shortcomings can be avoided. You can also find out whether you appear motivated enough in your application.

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