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ESBEES recruits within all industries, and we are proud of our large network, which throughout the country helps companies and candidates find each other across industries.

ESBEES is a committed member of Danish Industry (DI), DI-Forsvar og Sikkerhed, which is Denmark’s industry association for the defense, space, and security industry. It is an industry in great development, where networks and knowledge are paramount to being able to recruit the right candidates.

It is an industry where the Human Supply Chain plays a significant role, and where companies must be able to quickly increase the number of employees with the right skills.

We see it as a natural part of our work to be part of DI-Forsvar og Sikkerhed which works to collect, develop and maintain a common Danish position of strength between the defense industry and security policy.

In addition, DI-Forsvar og Sikkerhed works for a coherent industry and creates awareness about the industry’s SMEs, so that they are included in the development and export of the larger companies. That is why we are also happy that Kirsten Paulsen is on the Steering Group for SMEs under DI-Defense and Security. The steering group aims to focus on formal and informal partnerships, collaborations, and consortia between SMEs in the industry.

Rekruttering, Headhunting

Human Supply Chain

Without the right candidates, it is impossible to develop your business. With the changing market, we are experiencing these years, rapid changeover is essential for future growth. You may quickly need to expand your staff when your goods are in demand at home and abroad.

It can be difficult to find the right candidates when you win a tender. You can help your company well on its way, by not only betting that your HR employees can follow along with recruiting. They do not necessarily have the network that an external recruitment company has.

Who, how, and when?

We are ready to help you when you need it! We all have a large network, and together we find the right candidates for your company. It is impossible to know what tomorrow will look like, and therefore we have no deadlines for when we must be involved in your process. Contact us as soon as you have the opportunity, and we will work to find a solution that suits you.

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