Maintain the interest of the headhunter

You have been contacted by a headhunter who finds your profile interesting. It is not certain that you have any interest in changing jobs right now, and the headhunter knows this well. But even if you have no interest now, it is a very good idea to write back to the headhunter who contacted you. You can write that you are not interested in changing jobs at the moment or that you are really happy with the job you have now. That way, you politely say no to headhunters, who would remember that you answered. It can benefit you in the future if you find yourself without a job at some point.

The same applies if you are interested and come to an interview at a company, but are rejected. Neither you nor headhunters can change that, so don’t burn that bridge, despite not actively looking for a job yourself. It is better to have the headhunter in your network and if a position comes up that the headhunters know you are suitable for, you will be contacted again.


Update your LinkedIn profile

One of the more used tools in recruitment is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is used by headhunters to find the right candidates for their clients. It is therefore important that you, as a candidate, have updated your profile on LinkedIn. You must tell what experiences you have gained through your previous positions. It is also important that you write the things on LinkedIn that you work with. It is not easy for a headhunter to guess what you do, which is why you must described it on LinkedIn.

Kontaktet af headhunter

What is expected?

If, after the initial contact, you are still interested in the position and you come to a meeting with the headhunters, it is important to know what to do before the interview. It gives a bad impression if you show up unprepared, if you are in doubt about what you should do, you might want to ask the headhunters and find out what is expected of you before the interview. It is a bad sign if you have not had the time or you have been pressured by other tasks. You can always find time – it’s about priorities and thus interest in the job.

Make sure that if you are sent anything you read it carefully and do what you are asked. It is also important that you put your CV in the current headhunter’s CV database.

It may be that you are expected to have prepared an assignment or the like before you attend the interview and therefore it can quickly appear unprofessional if you have not done so because you have not read what you have been sent.


No ties that bind

The first meeting with a headhunter will never be binding. Therefore, even with the slightest interest, you can say yes to a meeting and gain more knowledge about the position, what it would entail, and what challenges there would be. There will of course also be complete confidentiality around it, so you don’t have to be nervous that your current employer or colleagues will find out that you are looking for new challenges. Take advantage of the interview to satisfy your curiosity about the position. So be sure to ask any questions you have. In that way, you can clarify the things that you should be in doubt about.

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