Do not put this in your resume

A good and well-formulated CV – as well as a good application – can be your way to a job interview. If you look at CVs and applications in that way, it makes good sense to ensure that what you send out to an employer is well-written and neatly set up.

The recruiter will spend no more than 15 seconds looking through your resume, so it must be eye-catching. The attention of the reader must be maintained on your CV. You can read more about what you should write in your particular CV in our post on writing a good CV.

This post is about what not to write on your CV. When writing a CV, there are many things to avoid. This is right from the layout of your CV to the content itself. It can easily come across as unmanageable and unprofessional if there is no structure to your CV.

Do not write this in your CV:

Date on CV

No date should be written on your CV. The recruiter does not need to know when you wrote your CV. However, it is always important to write the years you have been in various positions and the years you have completed your studies.

Avoid mentioning things that are not relevant

It is not everything relevant to mention in your CV. When writing a CV, you should not go back more than 10 years as a rule, unless the job that dates back more than 10 years has relevance in the new job situation. Not everyone has more than 10 years of experience, and in that way, it would be perfectly okay to include some other positions you have held, even if it is not entirely relevant.

Hobbies and free time

Hobbies are usually not something that should be written on a CV. However, in some cases, it can make good sense to write a little about your hobbies if your hobbies match something that the company does. You can optionally – if you wish to list your hobbies in your CV – choose to write about these on the very last page of your CV.

Irrelevant educations

Many people choose to mention elementary school, upper secondary school, or other secondary education in their CVs, and this is not relevant. Public school should never be mentioned in a CV. The high school can be mentioned in a CV if this is the highest education, but as soon as you finish a new education, you can immediately remove all information about the high school from your CV.

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Do not use negatively charged words

In general, it is never a good idea to write about yourself negatively. If you have no experience and are perhaps still in education, you can instead write that you have not completed your education yet, and you can indicate the year in which you expect to graduate. It is more positive and also gives the recruitment officers a better picture of you.

Salary and references must not be included

Salary should not be mentioned in your CV. Salary is something that must be negotiated for a possible job interview, where you can also talk about your thoughts in relation to salary specifications.

It is not necessary to send a reference list of your previous bosses with your CV. If the company chooses to hire you, they will probably have to ask for a list from which they can take references.

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