Show it ­­– don’t tell it

In your application, there are many things you must avoid writing, and in others, you must be careful about writing. When writing an application for a company, be careful not to copy the company’s values. Instead, it may be better to tell how the company’s values ​​are reflected in your working life

All headhunters and recruiters have read sentences in applications such as: “I’m good at keeping a lot of balls in the air.” or “I am a team player, but also good at working alone”.

In an application, it is much more important to use “show it – don’t tell it”. It shows the company that you understand exactly the problem you will be able to face in your new job

So it is not enough to write a lot of adjectives about yourself, and thus hope that the company will work out how you fit in with them. You must describe why you use all those words about yourself.

The dangerous thing about making use of the well-known clichés is that you appear as if you have not bothered and spent time on the application. It is therefore not enough to write “I am passionate about helping the customer”.

Instead, you must be able to show what you do to go the extra step, which leads back to “show it – don’t tell it”.

Avoid appearing frivolous

To appear serious in a good application, it is important to avoid clichés. When a company receives an application, they want something original that shows them who the person behind the application is.

It is important for the company they can remember the person after reading the application, and this can only be achieved by being original. It is, of course, important that you do not send an application with spelling mistakes and basic deficiencies, as this can contribute to making you appear unscrupulous.

Undgå i din ansøgning

Take your personality profile as a starting point

If you have had a personality profile made, this is a good starting point to start your application by writing about.

The personality profile can give the company an insight into how you handle different situations, as well as what kind of work you are best suited to. It can also help to show where in a team you fit best. As well as whether you and the company are a good match in general.

The personality profile shows both your strengths and weaknesses, and it can contribute to the company remembering you better.

Unfortunately, it is easy to simply become part of the pile of applications, which of course must be avoided. You want to write exactly the application that stands out and that will be remembered. – An application that arouses interest and curiosity in the company.

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