Our experience with search and headhunting

Recruitment and headhunting can be different from job type to job type, just as recruitment and headhunting can be different from country to country. This, therefore, means that you must have a certain amount of experience and a desire to gain knowledge in certain areas. This is to be able to uncover the desired types of positions as well as the countries you work in. At ESBEES, we have broad experience across job types, industries, and countries, including Greenland in particular.

Understanding of country and culture

Recruiting in Greenland is a different process than recruiting in Denmark. You have to have an understanding of the culture, nature, and society, as this varies even in Denmark. There is also a difference between recruiting IN Greenland and recruiting TO Greenland. When recruiting in Greenland, the candidates know the culture, nature, and society. In most cases, the candidate also knows the company they will join and act in. If, on the other hand, there are candidates outside Greenland, it is relevant to have information about working in Greenland. At the same time, one must understand that the candidates must have the time to reverse a possible permanent move to another country, with their hinterland. In this case, it is also relevant to be able to be the candidate’s guide through such a process, because it can be a big decision to have to move the tent poles to another country that contains a different culture and nature.

Guide for the new employee

Moving the tent poles can be both exciting, but also scary for some. The communication process can therefore be different and require more time and more resources when there are candidates from outside. We like to use this time and these resources in ESBEES. We want everyone to be safe in the recruitment process, both if you are already resident in the same country as the employing company, but also if you are moving to the country. This gives the best result for both the candidate and the company, as the newly arrived employee is as prepared as possible and feels well-guided. The above focus is extremely important to us at ESBEES, as it reduces the risk of wrong recruitment.

The criteria that companies want from their future employee also varies in small and large quantities from a process in Denmark. Therefore it is important to have an understanding of the criteria as well as qualities such as listening to and understanding the company. This is not new for ESBEES, as we always attach great importance to understanding the company’s wishes and requirements for a candidate, just as we listen to the candidate’s wishes and requirements for a company.

Isbjerg grønland

Our experience in Greenland

We at ESBEES are dedicated to the Greenlandic labor market. We have several years of experience and expertise in both recruitments in and to Greenland. Our biggest advantage as a Danish recruitment company that recruits both in and to Greenland is that we have the understanding, knowledge, and experience. We have recruited for various types of positions, both in public and private settings. In addition, we have knowledge and contacts within most industries, which is why there is no task that we cannot handle. We are confident in our work both on the Danish and Greenlandic markets, and in the difference that lies in the various recruitment processes. We place great value in trust and understanding, which is why the experience at ESBEES is broad.

ESBEES places great value on matching the right personalities, as it is incredibly important for a good future collaboration. You can’t learn a good personality, but you can learn professional skills.

We profess good values ​​when we recruit and we believe that both the brain and heart must be involved.

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