Your CV must be easy to read

Several studies show that the recruiter spends as little as 15 seconds looking through a CV. This also means that something effective must be done to stand out from the crowd. You must therefore have an easy-to-read CV.

Some things cannot be done without a CV, and there are some standards and features that you have to think about when writing a CV. Even if you have to deal with all these factors, it is still possible to write a CV that is professional and stands out from the rest.

Stand out

It’s very easy to say that you just need to stand out, because how do you even do that? It can be difficult to see through. A good opportunity to make something stand out is the design of your CV.

There is of course still a need to adhere to the professional aspect of a CV, but with the design, it can become more personal. The design includes both the font and the layout of your CV.

The choice of font is important when writing your CV. The font must be easy to read, and at the same time help to make your entire CV more inviting. An advantage when applying for a job is to use the same font in both CV and application. It gives a uniformity that many appreciate.

When your CV stands out from the other applicants, you arouse the interest of the recruiter. However, it is important to always keep in mind what standards and norms are expected of a CV. It can also become too personal, and thus the recruiter may find it difficult to assess your CV.


Use page numbers

Something as basic as writing page numbers on your CV can help make the reading experience for the reader much better. If you have several pages, they can easily become cluttered when the recruiter sits down and looks through all the CVs and applications.

Set up your CV clearly

To make your CV more readable, make sure you set it up in a good and clear way. This applies, among other things, to the way you write your work experience in your CV. It must be in reverse chronological order, where you write your most recent work experience at the top so that the recruiter can see what you have done most recently.

Make sure to leave spaces in your paragraphs and between the paragraphs on your CV. This helps to keep it from looking too compressed and pressed. It also gives the reader – i.e. the recruiter – the opportunity to quickly and easily find the information that needs to be used.

Correct proofreading

It is again a very basic thing, but when you have finished writing your CV, it is extremely important that you read through and correct spelling and grammar mistakes, so that you avoid any misunderstandings between you and the recruiter.

A grammar mistake can be enough for your desired message to be misunderstood. Therefore, you can also make use of a friend or someone from your circle of friends to read your CV through.

Send as PDF

It is important to send your CV as a PDF. In this way, you avoid problems arising (among other things with the setup) when the recipient opens your CV. You also have the opportunity to see how it looks to the recipient before you send it off.

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