The dream

The road to your dream job is not always easy, but you can help yourself get closer to your dream job. You can do this by thinking through the path to the job. What will you learn along the way? What experience do you need to have gained, and not least, who can help you achieve your dream job?

We got our student assistant Oliver Both to write about his thoughts about his dream job

“I am studying computer science in Vejle. I would like to admit that I only found out what a computer scientist is and what the education consists of well into my gap year.

I didn’t have any experience with programming languages ​​before I started. – Well, I knew that HTML is used for websites. I also knew that Java is not only coffee, but that was where my knowledge about the whole world stopped.

I didn’t quite understand the colorful hieroglyphs, but I knew what I wanted; namely to educate myself in IT security. To be able to do that, however, I must first have completed my computer science degree.”

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Expand your network

Oliver Both is starting his education, but he is constantly thinking about how he can find a network of people who can help him to his dream job in IT security.

That is why Oliver is happy with his student job at ESBEES. Although the tasks do not consist exclusively of IT tasks, he gets an understanding of the Defense & Security industry. That knowledge can help him further in his career.

He writes about networks:

“I had classes in networking when I went to school. We were told the importance of having a good network and that it was something you could never spend too little time on. Having a good network can change everything for you. However, you can say that just as much and often you want to be a young person straight from primary school because there were many in the class who, like me, thought: “yes, yes, so what… we’re only in high school, after all. It’s something you build up when you’re already at work”. I was wrong there.”

Networking is something that, if used correctly, can get you the job of your dreams before you finish your education. The people I’ve met have always been incredibly friendly, and if they didn’t know the answer, they asked around in their network.

How to expand your network

As Oliver describes, it can be advantageous to think about your network already during your education, as you can find out about your dream job via the network. By using LinkedIn, you can search for people who already have the job of your dreams and look for inspiration through that.

How different have their paths been? Have they gone down paths that you haven’t considered?

When you click on a profile on LinkedIn, you must have a trustworthy and up-to-date LinkedIn profile, because you can expect that when you look at a profile, they will also take a look at your profile afterward.

To get further knowledge, you should write interesting profiles. Even if you are not in a network with a profile in your dream job, you can write to them. They have unique knowledge about their careers, and they can give you knowledge and advice that you can use for your dream job

This is where you take your first steps into your new network. LinkedIn is a career tool, and must not be equated with other social media. You don’t need to know all your contacts on LinkedIn – consider them to be in your career network.

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