What expectations do you have of your manager?

Expectations for a manager are very different. Many employees want a manager to be able to set a clear framework for the tasks. Someone wants a manager who involves the employees in decisions and uses the individual employee’s strengths.

The framework must be clear

A manager must be clear about the framework for a task. This allows the individual employee to know what role their work plays.

It is expected of a manager that he or she can take changes and explain them to the employees in a way that they understand how it should be used in everyday life. It is important that a manager listens and involves employees in decisions.

However, it must also be made clear what an employee can change and where the framework goes. Expectations are also placed on a manager to be able to let his views be challenged by the employees.

Trust in employees

A certain amount of trust is expected from the managers when tasks are to be delegated. Trust that the managers believe that the individual employee is doing his best. At the same time, it is expected that a manager actively follows the employees’ work, and avoids interfering if it is unnecessary.

A manager must support the decisions the employees make. As a starting point, the manager must trust the employees’ judgment.

Helps with problematic tasks

Employees often expect their manager to help them with difficult tasks so that the employees do not have to deal with the problem themselves. We want a manager who helps prioritize tasks and who ensures that the order in which they are solved is correct. In some tasks, it is also desired that the boss himself gets involved and is an active part of it.

Take advantage of employee strengths

As an employee, it is expected that the manager knows the weak and strong points and that the manager delegates tasks accordingly, so that all employees get to work with something in their everyday life that they are happy about.

It is expected that a manager can help develop the employee’s strengths and give them new tasks – even when they don’t feel ready to try new things.


Show care

It is important for many employees that their manager shows care toward those who are having a hard time. It can be both personal and work-related.

The employees’ problems must be taken seriously by the manager, so that understanding and empathy are shown toward those who need it. Many employees appreciate that they can be flexible in their working hours if there is a need for it, so this is something that is expected from a workplace and a manager

Another example is that the manager must be aware of signs of stress in the employees and that this must be taken very seriously so that it does not turn into even bigger problems.

Keep a good tone

It is expected that a manager can maintain a good tone in a workplace and that a discussion is always factual and not personal. It must be possible to talk openly about things so that no one goes behind someone’s back.

As a manager, it is also expected that honest and constructive feedback is given if there is something that the manager is not satisfied with. A manager must contribute to orderliness in communication so that there are common rules and cultures in the area.

Many expectations

There are many expectations for a good manager, and those mentioned here are just examples of what employees can expect from their manager. However, it may also be that certain employees think completely differently, and make different demands on a manager than what is described here.

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