The 20/5 list consists of 20 things that make you happy at your workplace, as well as 5 things that you want to avoid. You must use your 20/5 list to convince yourself that – in your workplace or new workplace – there are predominantly more good than less good things for your well-being.

When you make your 20/5 list, you must always remember to fill it in completely, and thus not omit any points at all. Even if you have a hard time finding things, make time for it as it is part of the solution to making your 20/5 list

Your 20/5 list can also be used in a recruitment process. You can use it as a checklist for your new workplace. If there are too many compromises at the new workplace in relation to your 20/5 list, you should probably consider whether it is the right job for you.

Just as a resume needs to be redone several times in a lifetime, so would the same requirements for a 20/5 list. Since life is dynamic and constantly changing, so will your need for well-being.


 20/5 the list in recruitment 

In your job search, you can use your 20/5 list to clarify whether tasks, values, management, size, and location match what you thrive in. There can be many different things that can make you thrive, and not thrive. So, using your 20/5 list, you can deselect and select a workplace.

20/5 listen

20/5 and the dream job

For many, it can be difficult to describe what the dream job is. You don’t always know what it is. Here it can be a good idea to make use of tools that can help you.

There are many different tools. It can be both a personality test, the 20/5 list, or something else entirely. These are all some that help you to become smarter about what you prefer, and what you get and also lose energy from.


The 20/5 list of companies

The 20/5 list is not only made for individuals – but it can also easily be used for companies. In the same way that a candidate must look inward when searching for a job, a company can also do this when searching for candidates.

Instead of writing down what a workplace wants, the company can make a list of things they want from a candidate, and in that way facilitate the search for the right candidate.


A 20/5 list is not something that is fixed, but rather, like a CV, something that can be changed over time. It is a good tool for aligning expectations. The advantage of using the 20/5 list is that the company puts into words which value, strengths and wishes it has

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