For an efficient and fast recruitment process

Professional headhunting is about insight, experience, a large network, empathy and exceptional dedication.

We primarily work without job advertisements and often with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). When we search, we prioritise our own database of candidates, so it is important that if you want to be among the first we contact that you are in our database.

We have a strong focus on discretion, so even if you are in work now, you can still be included.

If you want to be in our database, click on the link here and include your CV and other documents.

We've found the right people, we'll do the same for you

We've helped with the following.


    Chairman of the Board. Board member. Advisory Board


    Managing Director. Functional Director. Site Manager (Factory Director). Divisional Director. Subsidiary Director. Executive secretary/assistant. CSO, CMO, CLO, CEO, CCO, CFO, CPO, CVO and CIO


    Head of Department. Operations Manager. IT middle manager.


    Subject-specific project managers


    - IT Developer (Architecture, Platform, System Development, Infrastructure, etc.) - Programming (C++, .NET/C#, SharePoint, SCADA, VHDL, FPGA, etc.) - Consultant (SAP, Dynamic AX, etc.) - SW and HW - Production / Logistics - Sales / Export - Lean - Validation / Auditing - Patent Engineers and Attorneys - Auditing / Accounting - Finance / Insurance / Banking - Renewable Energy - Defence & Security - Aviation - Construction - new build and renovation - Property rental + Engineers and developers in energy, audiology, ASICs, medico, robotics and R&D.

It's completely free, but if we find the right fit for you then you get a call!

If we contact you, you will be introduced to a number of candidates and we will attend the job presentation. After the interviews, you will select candidates for the 2nd job interview.

During interviews, our main task is to make you relax and ensure that the dialogue flows smoothly but also goes into depth. The good atmosphere and informal chat are valuable in building trust and getting to know you well.