Major results require vision and insight

The world is constantly moving. The power of international competition can almost only be underestimated.

Fortunately, international headhunting is a discipline with a direct link between effort and results and the process is not significantly different from the process applied in Denmark.

ESBEES has recruited international employees to and from a long list of countries – among those Saudi Arabia, Asia, Europe and Scandinavia. In our talent recruiting we use headhunting as our preferred method to find your new Division Manager, Country Manager or whoever you need across trade groups, language requirements and cultural differences.

We rarely make job adverts. NDAs are, however, often a part of the process.

International headhunting with the best conditions for success

  • We guarantee that you hire the right skills for your company, subsidiary or division in foreign countries.
  • We provide efficient recruiting of executives and specialists based on a strong, international network.
  • Your experience will be a safe, simple and active recruiting process where all aspects of the process are taken care of.

Sparring on current headhunter task?

Let us begin with a telephone conversation and you can decide whether you would like us to help you.