Headhunting of board chairman and board members

The competitive leverage arises in the meeting between vision, knowledge, requirements from the outside world, commitment and morals:

Which strategy will ensure the company’s development? Which markets should we expand? Do we need new products? Are our internal processes optimal? What about our risk profile? Do we have the right skills to drive growth towards new goals?

Family owned businesses – well practically all businesses – face the challenge of being at the forefront of new knowledge. At ESBEES, we make an effort to make owner-managers see the value of professional development of the board of directors because we know that it means a certain win in the long run.

Why bother with a professional board of directors?

You do not need anyone to look over your shoulder.
You will have a forward-looking board of directors who…

  • See perspectives and potentials that you are not seeing (clearly) because you focus on operations.
  • Are not involved financially, emotionally or otherwise lean toward certain individuals or groups of the company owners or employees.
  • Can contribute with support for one area/one individual that you are missing, e.g. in sales, production, supply chain and R&D.

Intelligent combination of your board of directors will develop your company in the desired direction. Continuous development, adjustment and optimizing of your board of directors in terms of the combination of knowledge and skills is crucial. 

No one can create the best results alone (and it is never too late to get started)

Do you have bad experiences with a professional board of directors? If yes, you did something wrong.

Combining a professional board of directors requires a carefully prepared process. Therefore, external assistance can be a value-creating necessity.

Headhunting of a new board of directors is similar to job headhunting:

  • Together, we work out a detailed plan for the key action areas and define what is needed to reach the strategic goals.
  • We will prepare a profile for the new board chairman and/or member and start looking for a field of candidates to present to the decision makers.

Sparring on a professional board?

Call us to talk about a new board of directors or changes to the one you have.