Active and efficient recruitment process

As so many other things, headhunting is about insight, experience, a solid network, empathy and extraordinary dedication.

It is a targeted process, where we actively reach out to the candidate. It is a discrete and qualitative effort, which, in an estimated amount of time, will lead to hiring of your new key employee.

We rarely make use of job adverts. NDAs are, however, often a part of the process. This means that you will be able to find and hire a new colleague while you still have someone else in the position. Or maybe you wish to keep the recruiting process a secret for competitive reasons.

Are you a candidate and want to be visible in our database, then click on the link here and put your CV and other documents in the database.

The right skills throughout the organisation

– Among other things, we have headhunted to the following positions


    Chairman of the Board. Board member. Advisory Board


    Managing Director Functional Director Site Manager Divisional Director Subsidiary Director Executive Secretary/PA t. CSO, CMO, CLO, CEO, CCO, CFO, CPO, CVO and CIO


    Department Manager Operational Manager IT mid-level Manager


    Specialised Project Managers


    - IT Developer (architecture, platform, system development, intrastructure etc.)
    - Programming (C ++, .NET / C #, SharePoint, SCADA, VHDL, FPGA etc.)
    - Consultant (SAP, Dynamic AX etc.)
    - SW and HW
    - Production / Logistics
    - Sales / Exports
    - Lean
    - Validation / Auditing
    - Patent engineers and lawyers
    - Auditing/Accounting
    - Financing / Insurance / Banking
    - Renewable Energy
    - Defense & Security

    + engineers and developers in the fields of energy, audiology, ASICs, medico, robot technology and R&D.

It requires trust to welcome change

As a client, you are introduces to a number of candidates and we will be participating in the job interview. After the interviews, you select candidates for the second job interview. We will also participate in this interview.

During interviews, it is our duty to make the candidate relax and ensure a smooth dialogue but also to go beneath the surface. A relaxed atmosphere and casual talking is valuable when we want to build trust and get to know the candidate.

Sparring on a current headhunter task?

Let us begin with a telephone conversation and you can decide whether you would like us to help you.