You need a key employee. Now what?

An organisation is comprised of PEOPLE who are put there to realize the organisation’s goal. This means that recruiting is never a puzzle of detached skills pieces you can fit into a predetermined pattern.

At ESBEES, we use the thick black marker to underline one principle: Heart and brain must be in harmony.

People in balance add knowledge and intensity. Motivation and commitment. They therefore perform better than others. This is why we assign a high priority to personal values in the candidate selection process.

Our work is based on an intended non-biased eye for talent, skills, experience, personality and attitude.

Hearthunting & Headhunting

The heart stands for: Empathy. The ability to sense the surroundings. Human insight. Values and honesty. Loyalty. Decisions at eye level. Reflection and presence. A relaxed process and a positive experience. People in balance. Positive attitude. Sustainable results.

Using the heart, we familiarize ourselves with the human skills that support and develop your company’s core expertise. We start by understanding the interaction between the human being and the company – values, loyalty and positive attitudes. 

The head stands for:  Talent spotting/winner DNA. Qualification. Documentation and experience. Counselling and business development. Professional insight. Attention to detail and high quality. Discretion. Comprehensive knowledge. Network. Analysis. Guarantee. Fast action.

Using the head, we measure the candidate’s skills against the company’s needs – including documentation for education, obtained results, experience and references.

The process: This is the itinerary for your recruiting process

  • STEP #1

    You book a no-obligation meeting – we meet at your place, our place or somewhere else.

  • STEP #2

    Coffee. We listen to your challenge, clarify it and challenge you and your plan.

  • STEP #3

    We define the task. We lean on field-proven processes to define the personal profile and decode the company culture – the spoken as well as the unspoken.

  • STEP #4

    We go into the zone and find motivated candidates. Talent and potential are identified through a personal meeting and screening of skills: Profile analysis, behaviour profile, 5-factor profile, team analysis and a 360º analysis.

  • STEP #5

    Quality Assurance. We follow up on the candidate and whether the result lives up to your expectations. Together, we evaluate results and the process.

Recruitment, Headhunting

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